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The Story

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The idea behind Mulberry Tree (MT) began when Diana was coordinating some training for PwDs while working at “Helm” NGO. During the training, a girl with visual impairment was sharing her experience when she wanted to join the theatre team in her college. While she was expressing her feelings of discrimination and bullying she faced from her classmates because of her disability and because of the thick glasses that were appearing her eyes much wider than they are, Diana remembered some obstacles she had encountered at one age when she decided to go beyond what she felt and believed. 



Mulberry Tree seeks to create an access point for marginalized persons in the art and culture scene in Egypt, in an inclusion environment and a safe place for expression to discover and promote their talents, contributes to raising public awareness of their artistic issues, through providing more opportunities for them in Acting and Drama Education, Creating Drama and theater casting opportunities, participating in arts inclusion awareness campaigns and events.



An inclusive artistic society gives equal opportunities for the persons with disabilities to participate as real performers in the art and culture scene in Egypt.



  • Provide inclusive various theater programs.

  • Provide Casting opportunities for Mulberry Tree  graduates in theater performances and Drama Series and Movies. 

  • Design Team Building Programs using theatrical activities 

  • Customize Activities and Performances for Inclusion Awareness.

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